Monday, August 23, 2010

Melbourne Home and Garden Expo

Monday already! We had a lovely weekend, just wish it could have lasted a little longer. The weather was glorious, a real touch of Spring was in the air. Perfect for a trip into Melbourne for the Home and Garden Expo, a walk around South Bank and South Wharf and who could pass up the opportunity for some browsing around DFO. The Expo was disappointing as it didn't showcase the things we were looking for and was more about 'being green' with things like solar heating, saving water and recycled products. Even the gardening part was not up to scratch.

The Polly Woodside is one of the tall ships built in 1885 in Belfast, Ireland. She was a merchant ship in her day and is now moored directing outside the Melbourne Convention Centre and I must say looks quite striking sitting in all her glory in the middle of Melbourne in the Yarra River.

The Polly Woodside


  1. Boy, to be aboard such a sailing ship - the wind in her sails, the salty sea air! It looks like it belongs to a Robert Lewis Stevenson story...

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