Wednesday, October 10, 2012

When the cake gives you crumbs...

make rum balls.

Cake crumbs, cocoa powder, coconut, condensed milk and rum. Yum Yum!


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rockefeller Shawl by Stephen West

I remember when I was so excited to start this mystery shawl. I bought beautiful yarn online and eagerly awaited the release of the clues. The yarn is Swans Island Merino Fingering in Oatmeal and Russet.  It all started so well and the first clue was striking with the short row striping.

Clue 2 got me wondering.

Clue 3 got me worried

 Clue 4 what the ....

I knew from the second clue onwards that this was a shawl that I wouldn't wear and I lost interest in knitting it. I would have given up on this but I am not a quitter and I was hopeful that the sum of the parts would be better than the individual parts. There are several mistakes in the knitting that I didn't bother to fix. I thought I would finish it and rip it out and keep the yarn for something else but there are so many ends in this shawl. Luckily someone else liked it so it is now going to a good home.

This was my first MKAL and it will be my last too. I think from now on I will wait and see what the pattern is like before I attempt another KAL. I've bought and knitted many of Stephen West's patterns and I am a big fan of his designs, just not this one! I do appreciate all the effort that he put into this design and there are many lovely elements in this shawl. I love the icord edge and the icord in the body of the shawl and the interesting construction is clever too.

One thing for sure this shawl will be light, soft, squishy and warm and Erin if you scrunch it up around your neck I hope you can't notice the mistakes or the design :)