Sunday, May 20, 2012

A mischievous little puppy

Back to the vet to get a new bandage and a bigger cone!

 There is no stopping this little lady.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Puppy trouble

We had ourselves a bit of an emergency last night. The new puppy, Miley, somehow managed to cut her leg open on something in the back yard. It was only a small cut but it was deep and I could tell it needed sutures. It was 9pm and all the veterinary clinics were closed but we managed to find a 24 hour service in a nearby suburb. It came as quite a surprise to learn that she needed an operation.  She had not only cut her leg but also the tendon which meant surgery, shock horror and expense! and an overnight stay in the hospital and some medication to make sure the wound didn't become infected.

She's confined to indoors until the bandage comes off and the sutures are removed but she is liking all the attention.

Now we just have to find out what she cut herself on in the first place. We certainly don't want that expense all over again!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Keeping me busy

The last few weeks have been a series of ups and downs. Life's busy at the moment and I am finding myself with very little spare time.  A lot of that time I am clocking up kilometres and paying the petrol companies too much of our money!
Homeward bound
One bright spot in our days is when this little one comes to visit. Babies bring so much happiness and joy, don't they?

Then there was the story of Duke's big adventure!! We learnt that he missed his calling and he should have been a steeplechaser. That horse can jump! He was spooked one day in his new paddock, jumped the fence and galloped to the next suburb (a long way away), crossed several roads and a major multi lane highway and caused traffic hazards along his path.  He didn't escape injury. It was thought at one time that he may have broken his leg but thankfully that wasn't the case and after many vet visits and various medications he has made a full recovery. He lost a good deal of condition that will take some time to stack on again and he also has some nasty wounds to heal on his head and legs but it could have been so much worse. He is now back again in his old paddock down at the farm and we hope he has had enough adventure for a very long time!

May is a busy month for birthdays with several in a row and two immediate family birthdays on the 11th and 13th. Add Mother's Day to the mix and the last week has been full of celebrations.

one of the birthday boys

There has been very little crafting going on but I plan to change that as soon as I can. I'm working slowly on the Lusekofte-sque Mitts by Mary Rourke and I am well into the second mitt so time allowing I should have those finished any day now. They are a lovely knit and I am enjoying the small about of fairisle in this pattern. Makes for something different. I also have a crocheted cat and a pair of slippers on the go.

Oh and I have to mention that life is made extra busy with the arrival of a new little puppy. She came a couple of weeks ago at 8 weeks of age and we are realising every day how much work goes into caring, training and loving a new puppy. Her name is Miley and she is a golden retriever. She is finding her place in the pecking order but she has fitted in with Jet and Princess Belle very well although she still has some work to do to win the Princess over completely.

Isn't she gorgeous

Cheers for now,