Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Elise Shawl

First project off the hook for 2014 is the Elise Shawl by Evan Plevinski.

I used Noro Kureyon Sock yarn because I thought the colours would work lovely with the shawl. The colours are lovely but the yarn was a disgrace. There were 5 separate knots in the skein and parts were so thick that I had to cut it out because it just looked ridiculous throughout the normal parts of the yarn. There were also organic fine stick pieces in places that made it feel like needle pricks. The yarn tangled heaps also winding back on itself every time a little more was unwound from the skein. It was really horrible and slow and annoying to work with. I usually love Noro yarn but now that I have come across a bad skein myself, I know why many people don't like it. The pattern was easy and quick to complete so overall this was a great project.

I love to crochet. It's fast, easy, relaxing and rhythmical. I don't seem to do much of it but that is mainly because many of the patterns are not to my liking but this is another crochet shawl that I love. It will get a lot of wear.



  1. Somehow, I have missed your last couple of posts. It sounds like your year has been full, and for that I am happy. My mom has a button jar that I loved as a child as well:) I have started my own. I loved to sort them into colors and shapes.
    I am a bit confused as to why anyone would want to work in the Antarctic, but I am all for realizing dreams and that pic was great.
    The shawl is lovely. Amazing that you completed the lovely lace with all of the yarn trouble. Such sticktoativeness paid off!

    Unrelated: Have you read the Night Circus? It is such fun!

  2. Funny you should mention the Night Circus. I'm reading it now :) I should have know you'd have read it because I have pegged you as liking complicated books (Pattern Recognition comes to mind) and I'm thinking I will have to read this twice to fully understand it. Maybe that is because I haven't finished it yet.