Thursday, June 28, 2012

Off the needles

The sun is low in the sky and the afternoon Winter's chill is rolling in. Such a lovely time to bring out the latest Winter woolies fresh off the knitting needles. Shannon put in her request for some fingerless mitts some time ago and she settled on the Lusekofte-sque Mitts by Mary Rourke. She was taken with the XOX fairisle pattern on the mitts and also because the fairisle was something different to what she has already. I was excited to work on the pattern as it was a long time since I had done any stranded work. These mitts were lovely to make and I especially like that the wrong side of the work is mostly covered by the turned back cuff that hides the yarn strands made by knitting the fairisle. They are knitted in Moda Vera Precious.

My next finished project is Twister by Susan B. Anderson. I made it in Spud & Chloe Sweater which is a worsted weight wool yarn that is soft and squishy and deliciously warm and cosy. This one's for me!

Finally a wee cosy for my iphone. This was meant to be fingerless mitts but I misread the pattern and the knitted fabric was too firm and dense so I turned it into a pouch. It fits my iphone and my point and shoot camera so it will come in handy.

Three projects done but there are still more waiting patiently in the knitting basket.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Baking Muffins

Sometime last week darling daughter decided she would try and make some muffins.
She chose my tried and proven triple choc muffin recipe and set about making them. She did a great job. She got the measuring right, the technique correct and baked them to perfection. They looked delicious. My only comment was that the recipe always makes 12 muffins and this time it only made 10. Her response - well I may have eaten some of the dough! Mmmm!

She can make these again for sure!

The lesson learned - Stop letting her tell me she can't cook!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012


One day this week I was caught out at the last minute when Shannon told me she had a short day which meant I had to wait for her to finish her classes instead of dropping her off and driving home. With seconds to spare before we left home I grabbed a bag of mixed yarn, some needles and a folder of patterns  so I would have something to make while I waited. I had recently finished the fingerless mitts I was knitting so I hoped there would be something suitable in the yarn bag for a new project.

I had a pattern I recently printed off and some cotton yarn and nearly the right size needles. I improvised a place marker and cast on for the Mitered Ballband Dishcloth by Suzanne deSalme. Sitting in the car parked in the campus carpark while the rain poured down I began my first dishcloth! I was a little annoyed when classes finished and I had to stop knitting.

This dishcloth is now a few rows from being finished. I think I could be hooked on dishcloths. This is a lovely, interesting pattern to knit.