Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sugar and spice and everything nice..

that's what little girls are made of!

This weekend we covered the family room floor in ponies and barbie dolls and drank pretend tea out of miniature plastic cups.

We baked and decorated cupcakes. Needless to say we ate some too.

We read Dr. Seuss books and decided Green Eggs and Ham was our favourite today. It was just right for a 6 yr old to read all by herself.

Kaylee picked me flowers from the garden that she arranged in a glass. Philosophically she stated they look pretty now but they will be mushy and dead tomorrow :)

She makes my heart sing!

In the words of  Dr. Seuss

“Look at me! Look at me! Look at me NOW! It is fun to have fun. But you have to know how.”

This little bunny knows how!



  1. Oh my gosh. That is Exactly what our floors looked like for the entire time I was growing up. Love. What a lucky girl. What a lucky grammy.

  2. I'm with Katie - ponies were my favorites (not so much the barbies). That cupcake looks amazing - is that a candy bar crushed on top? Cool!