Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Always something to do in the garden

With the revelation that we are to host a birthday party very soon my common sense said I should clean up the yard in preparation. The body wasn't too willing to oblige but I have made a start. Summer is not the best time here for the garden. It is too hot and dry usually and everything is shrivelled and lack lustre. This year we are lucky because we have had  mild temperatures and more rain. I'm surprised the grass is still mostly green! 

Someone asked for garden photos so who am I not to deliver.

Spot the dog
Is he planking, hah!

Lovely Lilies  

Hybrid Tea - First Love peeking through the railing 
Have to eat these before the cockatoos and possums get them
The blood plums are ripe for the picking now. The tree is heavy with fruit and I foresee some jam making in the next few days.  Fresh fruit straight from the tree is one of my favourite things of Summer.

The garden is never done. I'm never completely happy with it. It's rather rambling and informal but I love to spend time walking the meditation spiral or contemplating under the shade of the trees or looking out over the Gully.  We just won't mention the weeds!



  1. Oh Lovely! A summer garden in the middle of winter. Roses! and a garden birthday party! I can smell the warm on the grass, and the sweet plums.

  2. I'm with Katie - such a nice escape for us here in the middle of winter. The garden looks so lovely!