Thursday, January 14, 2010


Had a delightful day shopping with my daughter today. These beauties are some of our buys. Of course there had to be something in there for Kaylee. She scored 2 pairs of demin shorts and a book. It's hard to pass the bookstore without having a look inside and even harder to leave the books there! Some found their way home with us. A dress and summer jacket for a special occasion and a few things for Shan and we had shopped enough. I can't wait to sit, read and look at the pretty pictures in the book 'In this House' byAngela Cartwright and Sarah Fishburn. From first glance there are beautiful quotes scattered throughout the pages and fantastic inspiration for wonderful altered art images. This is one of the beautiful quotes from the book.
"I would like to spend my whole life travelling,
if I could borrow another life to spend at home."
William Hazlitt


  1. Love the quote! That one is good enough to write on the wall (Erin). Pretty details on that dress... is it silk? It kinda looks like it might be.

  2. It certainly is one for the wall! Good one, Lynda.