Thursday, January 28, 2010


The last days of the holidays are spent doing the rushed little things that have to be done before the school year begins on Monday. In early January we made a special trip to the bookstore and waited in the long queues to buy the text books - thought that was a good idea so darling daughter could read the novels and familiarise herself with her new Year 11 subjects. Somehow that didn't happen but today (3 days before school starts) she did decide to take a look at the books. We also managed to get the stationery supplies today. I love that part because I love all the pretty pens and papers, folders, clips, pencil cases and art supplies but again darling daughter wasn't fussed at all. But she did enjoy a trip to the movies with her boyfriend and his family and later chilling out at his house and was uber excited about her appointment with the hairdresser. Well, afterall, it is important to look your best on the first day back at school, isn't it! Who needs to worry about the school work now, there's time enough for that later.

Too much fun was also had playing with the 3D glasses.


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