Saturday, August 31, 2013

Last day of Winter

I'm going to miss Winter. Here in Melbourne we had a very mild Winter with record breaking warmer weather. One of the things I love about Melbourne is the distinct seasons that we have. You won't see me holidaying in Queensland to escape the Melbourne Winter.  I love to rug up, don the shawls, scarves, mittens and the occasional hat. Everyone is still busy with their daily schedules but Winter is a season for more home time especially in the evenings, chatting around the fire, watching movies together as a family and hearty comfort food. Life stands a little stiller in Winter. I hope there are some more days to wear my yarn lovelies. I'm not ready to push them deeper into the wardrobe yet.

I recently took Stephen West's Shawlscapes class where he suggested we neatly fold all our shawls and put them on the mantle to admire. Now that's an idea! I share his passion for yarn and handknits and that they don't need to be worn to look lovely. Colour, line, shape, texture, these are little works of art.

My husband suggested that I was taking photographic evidence that I do actually fold these shawls neatly to put away but really I was trying to stop Princess Belle from claiming them as her own and in the process I now have piles of neatly folded shawls ready for the mantle!

As you can see she is persistant.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Moonlit Conservation Sanctuary

Hubby and I had a lovely few hours walking through Moonlit Conservation Sanctuary recently. We took a picnic lunch and sat on the park bench and enjoyed a relaxed time among the animals. We purchased some special food to hand feed the wallabies and kangaroos. Some of the animals are in enclosures and many roam free so you can have a very up close interaction with a variety of animals. We enjoyed watching the frogmouths being hand fed and listening to the calls of the barking owls. The staff gave great talks on the dingoes, koalas, frogmouths and reptiles.


Swamp wallaby and baby

Tawny Frogmouth

Cape Barren Goose

Eastern Grey Kangaroos


Unlike a zoo, this place has all native Australian animals. It's hard to look past the koalas and kangaroos but the Cape Baren Goose looks just like he is off for a walk in his gumboots.



Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Birthday Wish

"May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to make some art -- write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself." Neil Gaiman

I love this quote and it seems very appropriate for your birthday wish from all of us.

Cheers to you!
Love always,