Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Longitudinal Socks

There is just one at the moment but the second sock is on the needles and I hope to have it done soon. I really do need some lovely warm handknit socks for Winter. Now that I have experienced the beauty and warmth of handknit socks I don't want to go back to store bought ones.

I decided to try the Longitudinal Sock pattern by Nicola Susen for something different to try. The yarn is Poems Sock Yarn. The colour is Vista. It was a good technique and fast to knit up although I did push the knitting aside for awhile to enjoy the last of the hot weather.

Instead of using the magic loop I used two circular needles. I found that easier and quicker than pulling up a loop especially at the beginning.

I knit using the English method but I used the continental method for these socks as garter stitch works up easy and fast using the picking technique and it made for a change. I don't think I would ever purl that way though. I guess it would get easier with practice.

The contruction was interesting and I very much enjoyed doing the kitchener stitch for garter stitch to close the seam.

There is a lot of give in the fabric due to the garter stitch running vertical so I omitted a couple of rows in the middle of the sock to make it narrower. I am glad I did that as they are now a perfect fit with no creases or wrinkling over the instep.

All up a fun knit and a good wearable sock.