Friday, October 21, 2011

An end and a beginning

Today was the last day of secondary school for Shannon. It's been an emotional week and a big deal to say goodbye to school friends as some of them, especially the international girls, she won't see again. Shannon has built strong relationships with all her teachers and it is sad to farewell the teachers as well. The bonds formed over the 6 years of secondary school will ensure that many of the girls stay in touch even though they will grow and move in different directions.

The final Yr 12 assembly this morning was inspiring. As a parent to see another group of young adults cut loose from the ties, rules, discipline and routine of the school system is tinged with trepidation but seeing the girls this morning fills you with confidence that they have grown to become amazing, empowered young women who can face the world with conviction and put into practice those things they have learned.

It is the end of the school years for Shannon but also the beginning of life as a fledgling adult. It's an exciting time to move foward and face life's challenges with enthusiasm and hope for the future.

Shannon has had heaps of fun at school with her friends and teachers.

Today is a happy/sad day. I won't be sorry to see the last of the school drop off and pick up runs, parent/teacher/students meeting, fundraising,  and the enormous cost of education these days. I'm smiling, I have a life again!

This is a picture of the badge that Shannon has been wearing under her official school badge (only for this last week when she can get away with it!).
Yes, Shannon, you are cooler than the average kid! I love you!